The Arts of Growing Up

Just Some Stuff You Need to Know

Assume Responsibility

The Art of Growing Up

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

1. Assume Responsibility

Part of growing up is taking the responsibility of caring for yourself and making your own informed decisions. You should not want to or have to be told to care for yourself, eat properly, clean up after yourself or show up for work (or class) on time. If you want to be independent and (especially if you want to be successful) you must choose to be responsible. That doesn’t actually mean you will never have fun again though, and responsibility truly does bring its own rewards.

Get to know your alarm clock and get yourself up in the mornings, even on days when you don’t have obligations. If you have a phone or computer they both have alarms and calendars. You don’t need someone to tell you when you have appointments, when class starts, or when bills are due. Desk calendars work very well still and are fairly inexpensive. Understand that you will be paying the dentist and doctor from now on, so do take care of your own self first. Look after yourself, your teeth, and your living space. If they start to smell, clean them promptly. Eat like your mother taught you to, it’s actually far less expensive than relying on fast food and your insides will thank you as you get older. Don’t just tell yourself to do things, go ahead and get up and do them. Usually these things don’t even take up much time and you will spot yourself providing excuses for not doing them – try to catch that and remember that there will still be time for games and playing around, there always is.

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand Randy Pausch


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The Arts of Growing Up

Just Some Stuff You Need to Know


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