The Arts of Growing Up

Just Some Stuff You Need to Know

Become Informed

2. Becoming informed does not mean you need to know everything or watch every news cast but you do need to be aware of the world around you and know how to carry out your responsibilities. How can you make effective decisions with no information? For ordinary every situations most information is a mere internet search away. Need a recipe or want to figure out how to apply for financial aid? Use your favorite search engine. If you don’t already have a computer there is usually a library nearby. They are friendly places and open to everyone. Don’t wear out your friends and family, try to resolve your simpler questions and issues by yourself.

When important issues arise though don’t be shy about contacting your parents, family members, or friends. There are some problems and decisions you just shouldn’t make by yourself and the advice of others can really make a difference. There are things that experience and practical wisdom bring to some situations that are invaluable.  Don’t expect someone else to handle it for you though, as experience can be the best teacher. Try to figure out as much as possible for yourself and then go talk to someone you trust. With this method you can go and talk to your parents or whoever you choose and participate in the conversation as a younger person asking an older person for advice and instead of as a youth asking for help or instruction.

The self-reliant person is always interested in new experiences and opportunities to learn….

Learn about the world around you

Learn about the world around you


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The Arts of Growing Up

Just Some Stuff You Need to Know


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