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Pick A Destination, Know Where You Are Going

3. Many, many people don’t know where they are headed when they leave home, even if they have a job, an apartment with a friend, or a school picked out. That’s actually ok, and obviously pretty normal. But you will have some idea in your head of what makes you happy, what you’d like to learn more about and what kind of work you are willing to do to make some money. Think about those things, write them down, and look at them. Choose a direction to go in, whether it’s school, military, or work that somehow aims you on the path towards getting what you want. Some great advice to keep in mind is this – if you have a destination in mind, you can head that direction. If you change your mind, you can recalibrate your course for a different direction. But if you don’t know where you’re headed, then you wander around and don’t get anywhere. So pick a destination or some sort of goal, even a simple one, and move towards it.

Use a day planner if needed, but plan out your days including days off. Make sure that the tasks that you are responsible for actually get done. If you are working with goals that you have set for yourself you don’t really need anyone else’s approval and you function more autonomously when you don’t seek it. An interesting side effect of attaining this self-reliant mindset is the alluring scent of confidence without arrogance that adds style to and compliments any wardrobe.

If you are not a natural-born planner try to break down all of your long-term goals into steps. Its much less intimidating to approach something if you do it in steps plus you won’t miss important pieces along the way. This method not only offers moments of satisfaction in the process of working towards that long-term goal, but it also gives you flexibility and room for incremental successes and setbacks. Breaking your goals down to manageable steps allows for multiple points where you can change your mind if circumstances have changed. It also helps put you back on track if you are interrupted and lose focus in the middle, just go to the next step in the process and pick up where you left off.

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A Self-Reliant State of Mind

You may not be fully self-sufficient when you move out on your own but you can easily become self-reliant. Becoming self-reliant is an important part of the foundation that you lay for yourself to build upon. Many people don’t realize until they are on their own how much their parents actually did for them. From grocery shopping to maintaining the vehicles, your parents probably made your life easier in many ways.

A person with a self-reliant state of mind does not wait around for someone else to take care of things that need to be taken care of. If you encounter a problem take the initiative and try to figure out how to resolve it yourself.  Remember though, in most cases you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, a rational thought process and some common sense will be your greatest friends.

4 Steps to Self-Reliance

  1. Assume Responsibility
  2. Become Informed
  3. Pick a destination, know where you are going
  4. Decide for yourself, don’t be led by others

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